Tell us about your experiences in a new national survey looking at the key stressors, mental health and wellbeing of people who own or work in a small business.

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The survey, which is being conducted by Everymind, will gather information to inform the national trial for Ahead for Business, a digital hub that supports small business owners to take action to support their own mental health and wellbeing.

The next stage for Ahead for Business is to conduct research to better understand the knowledge, attitudes and actions of small business owners and workers around mental health and wellbeing, as well as factors affecting mental health such as fatigue and burnout.

Anyone who currently own or works in a business with fewer than 20 employees is invited to share their thoughts and experiences through the online survey.

The survey takes just 15 minutes to complete and the results will help develop additional targeted, practical supports to improve wellbeing and mental health outcomes in small business.

There are a number of inherent stressors in running a business, including long working hours, difficulty taking time off for holidays or even illness, multiple responsibilities, and financial stress.

Some business owners report that these stressors lead to difficulty ‘switching off’ when not at work or waking up at 3am worried about the business.

If that’s you, we would like to hear from you to learn what kind of supports would best help you to identify, manage and reduce workplace stress and learn strategies for self-care to keep you healthy and productive in your business.

Share your ideas and experiences by completing the survey today.

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