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Listen to our "How to Guide" by experts and local business owners sharing their experiences on finance, connections and more.

Welcome to Ahead for Business’ podcast series, where Australian business owners talk candidly with industry experts about the things that matter most to small business – finance, tax, business networks, relationships and our own mental health. Our experts offer practical, down-to-earth tips that can help you get ahead in business.

EPISODE 1: Thinking about your mental health at work

Small business owner Beau Murray, talks to David Boroughs, workplace psychologist about building a mentally healthy workplace.

David talks to Beau about work-life boundaries and finding your ‘third-space’ between your work life and your home life when working long hours. David also talks about managing expectations and having a realistic view of ‘happiness’ and wellbeing and the importance of identifying the early warning signs so you can take action on your mental health and wellbeing. David has a practical view of workplace mental health and provides a range of tips that anyone can incorporate into their business every day.

EPISODE 2: Self-care for small business owners

Amanda Stubbs, owner of Savvy Side Kick talks with Katie Blues, a clinical nurse consultant who specialises in mental health.

Not only does Katie work in mental health, but her husband is a small business owner so she understands the stressors that can impact on a person’s mental health and wellbeing. She talks about the risks and early warning signs to look out for as well as some of the treatment and support options available.

EPISODE 3: Planning ahead and planning for time off

Leanne Mason owner of Sirocco Hair Lab, talks with Leanne Faulkner from Fortitude at Work about planning for leave and creating work-life boundaries in small business.

Having first-hand experience of the emotional pressures of running her own business, Leanne Faulkner points out the importance of taking time out to rest and recharge as an investment in yourself and in your business. Leanne Faulkner also discusses the importance of having your own Business Mental Health Plan in place.

EPISODE 4: Tips on cashflow and working with the ATO

Dez Robertson, freelance graphic designer, talks with Deborah Jenkins, Deputy Commissioner of Small Business at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Deborah demystifies tax time and talking to the ATO and gives practical solutions for how to make managing finances less stressful when you run your own business. Many small business owners find managing cash flow, paying tax and other financial aspects of the business very challenging and the tips provided by Deborah could make a big difference.

EPISODE 5: Managing disputes and supporting small business owners

Melissa Horvat, owner of Graphika design studio, talks to Kate Carnell, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.

Rebecca and Kate talk about the stresses of running a small business and the supports available when a small business owner needs to resolve a customer or supplier dispute. Kate Carnell also draws on her experience in the mental health space to talk about how to look after yourself and how to support your staff.

EPISODE 6: Making the most of Industry associations and networks.

Rebecca Carmichael from KidCoders talks to Peter Strong, CEO of Council of Small Business Australia (COSBOA).

Peter talks about the power of professional connections for our business health and mental health, and gives tips for how to choose the right network for you. Many small business owners have talked about the isolation they feel when working on their own, so why not listen to Peter’s tips and think about business supports, mentors and peers that you can connect with.

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