Suicide risk factors

Stress and change can be risk factors for suicide.

Stressful events can make life difficult – sometimes these are related to your business, but sometimes the stress can come from other areas of your life.

Pay attention to stressors in your life and don’t underestimate the impact they may be having on you. For some people, stress may lead to thoughts of suicide when it seems like the distress they feel will never change.

Think about whether any of these have had an impact on your life recently:

  • changes to the business
  • financial problems with the business
  • having difficulty with regulatory requirements
  • challenging relationships with a customer, employee or colleague
  • relationship trouble or breakdown at home
  • experiencing the death of someone close – especially if it was to suicide
  • living or working alone – without other people to support you
  • being abused or bullied – recently or in the past
  • being diagnosed with a physical or mental health problem, or being unable to manage pain
  • difficulty with the law
  • financial problems
  • problems with alcohol or other drugs

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