Your Business Mental Health Plan

What’s a Business Mental Health Plan?

Taking a proactive approach to mental health in your workplace is a great investment for everyone who is involved in the business. Whether you are a sole trader or employ staff, you can use this business mental health plan and templates to identify and implement workplace practices that support you on your business journey.

Thinking through and documenting how you can stay focused and build resilience now, will provide you with the tools you can draw on as the business grows, and to better respond as and when challenges occur.

How to create a Business Mental Health Plan using A.H.E.A.D.

A: Assess your situation

Once you have completed our 10 minute survey, use the recommendations to guide you in filling out your personal reflections of your situation, and what triggers or flags you may have.

H: Help yourself

The best way to kick start mental health in your business, is to look after your most important asset, you. The healthier and more resilient you are, the healthier your business has the chance to be.

Write your personal action list, focusing in on the simple things you can include in your everyday routine to enhance your wellbeing, reduce stress and improve your performance as a business owner.

E: Enable your business

We help you set up some healthy work-life boundaries, and prompt you to set your business and financial goals to help reduce some of the stress in your business. You can also plan for unexpected leave, so that you are prepared in advance.

A: Access support

You can make a big difference to yourself and your business by tapping into support networks. Identify what supports you have available to you– both professionally and within your current social networks.

D: Develop your plan and revisit it each year

Once you have filled in all the templates from each section, you will have developed your own personalised plan for you and your business. Keep it simple, and make mental health an achievable focus in your business practices every day. Remember to review it when circumstances change.

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