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About Ahead for Business

The Ahead for Business digital portal supports mentally healthy small businesses.

Funded by The Australian Treasury, the Ahead for Business digital portal has been developed with and for small businesses.

The portal provides tailored resources, check-ups, personalised action plans and showcases the experiences of small business owners through podcasts, videos, blogs and case studies.

Ahead for Business
has been developed to support small business owners take action on their own mental health and wellbeing through personalised resources and tools tailored to their specific needs.

We know that more than 4 million people experience mental health concerns each year and almost half the population has experienced a mental illness at some time in their life.

As the largest employment sector in Australia, it's important to focus on mental health in small businesses.

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Ahead for Business is an Everymind program. Everymind has developed programs to prevent mental health concerns and suicide in different communities and professions across Australia for over 30 years. Our current programs support small business owners, family and friends, media professionals, family day care and the suicide prevention sector.

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