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Rural Agribusiness Wellbeing Plan

A wellbeing plan can help you manage the unique stress that comes with being a small business owner in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry in rural Australia.

It is a simple and practical way to get you thinking about what you are doing to support your mental health and what you could do to help improve it.

This plan was developed based on feedback from rural agribusiness owners across NSW. Learn more about how it was developed.

Create a practical plan of action.

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Mental Health Check-up

Use the Mental Health Check-up to see how you are tracking with your mental health and wellbeing.

This check-up will ask you questions around depression, anxiety, stress, wellbeing and alcohol use to identify any areas for action or further support.

Get to know your mental health and wellbeing.

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Business Stress Test

This two-minute survey will help you recognise and understand the things that you find stressful while running your business.

Once complete, you will receive resource recommendations to help you address your business stress and better manage your own wellbeing.

Ready to assess your business stress?

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Wellbeing Plan

Planning how you will look after yourself through stressful times is an important part of planning for any small business. A wellbeing plan can help you manage both large and small challenges that come your way.

When completing this plan, you will select some focus areas that are important to you, and develop strategies to better manage your wellbeing.

Develop a plan for personal and professional wellbeing.