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Mental Health Check-up

Use the Mental Health Check-up to see how you are tracking with your mental health and wellbeing.

The Check-up uses standardised assessment tools for depression, anxiety, stress (DASS), alcohol consumption (Audit-C) and wellbeing (Flourishing scale).

Please note, the results presented are not a diagnosis, only a health professional can give a diagnosis. If you are concerned about your health and wellbeing, please visit your GP.

Understand your current mental health and wellbeing status.

Identify areas for action and support with personalised results and recommendations.

Prioritise mental health and wellbeing over the long term by tracking your results.

Get to know your mental health and wellbeing status.

Business Stress Test

Complete a quick two-minute survey on business stress to gauge how you manage the typical stressors business owners face.

Once you complete the 13 questions, you will receive tips and tools, based on your responses, to help you get ahead in business.

Understand your red flags. Learn about business stressors and how to manage them.

Highlight action areas and receive personalised recommendations.

Check your progress, save results and track improvements over time.

Ready to learn about your red flags for stress?

Wellbeing Plan

Whether you are a sole trader or employ staff, the healthier and more resilient you are, the healthier your business has the chance to be.

Thinking through and documenting how you can stay focused and build resilience will provide you with the knowledge and tools to better respond to challenges when they occur.

Discover what fills your ‘feel good’ bucket at work.

Understand what puts holes in your bucket and ways to take action.

Develop a realistic plan for your mental health and wellbeing.

Once you have completed this Wellbeing Plan, you can save it to your dashboard for easy reference or download it and keep it somewhere safe. You can even include it in your business plan and discuss it with your business mentor or advisor.

Develop a plan for personal and professional wellbeing.