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Take our quick 2-minute survey on business stress to gauge how you are managing the typical stressors faced by business owners. Once you complete the 13 questions, you will receive tips and tools, based on your responses, to help you get ahead in business.

In the past two weeks how much have the following issues affected you:

Financial stress *
Being responsible for all aspects of my business *

e.g. Marketing, Finance, core business

Being responsible for employees *
Feeling obligated to work when sick *
Fatigue from working long hours *
Succession Planning *
Worry about the impact of my role on others connected to my business *

e.g. suppliers, sub-contractors, customers

Demands of my work interfering with my home and family life *
Not having someone with my level of responsibility to share the stress *
Feeling alone or isolated from others in my day-to-day work *
Not having enough time to do everything *
Relationship issues (e.g. conflict) at home impacting on my time at work *
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Business Stress Test

This two-minute survey will help you recognise and understand the things that you find stressful while running your business.

Once complete, you will receive resource recommendations to help you address your business stress and better manage your own wellbeing.