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Step 1/3: Depression Anxiety and Stress

Please read each statement and indicate how much the statement applied to you over the past week. There are no right or wrong answers. Do not spend too much time on any statement.

I found it hard to wind down *
I was aware of dryness of my mouth *
I couldn’t seem to experience any positive feeling at all *
I experienced breathing difficulty *
I found it difficult to work up the initiative to do things *
I tended to overreact to situations *
I experienced trembling  *
I felt that I was using a lot of nervous energy  *
I was worried about situations in which I might panic and make a fool of myself  *
I felt that I had nothing to look forward to  *
I found myself getting agitated *
I found it difficult to relax *
I felt down-hearted and blue *
I was intolerant of anything that kept me from getting on with what I was doing  *
I felt I was close to panic *
I was unable to become enthusiastic about anything  *
I felt I wasn't worth much as a person *
I felt that I was rather touchy  *
I was aware of the action of my heart in the absence of physical exertion  *
I felt scared without any good reason *
I felt that life was meaningless *

Step 2/3: Alcohol Use

The next series of questions are about your alcohol use. Choose the answers that are correct for you regarding your alcohol use.

Source: WA Mental Health Commission Standard Drink Tool

How often do you have a drink containing alcohol? *
How many units of alcohol do you drink on a typical day when you are drinking? *
How often have you had 6 or more standard drinks if female, or 8 or more if male, on a single occasion in the last year? *

Step 3/3: Wellbeing

Below are eight statements with which you may agree or disagree. Using the 1–7 scale below, indicate your agreement with each item by indicating that response for each statement.

I lead a purposeful and meaningful life *
My social relationships are supportive and rewarding *
I am engaged and interested in my daily activities *
I actively contribute to the happiness and well-being of others *
I am competent and capable in the activities that are important to me *
I am a good person and live a good life *
I am optimistic about my future *
People respect me *
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Mental Health Check-up

Use the Mental Health Check-up to see how you are tracking with your mental health and wellbeing.

This check-up will ask you questions around depression, anxiety, stress, wellbeing and alcohol use to identify any areas for action or further support.