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NewAccess for Small Business Owners launched by Beyond Blue

Running a small business involves dealing with unique stresses and demands that can lead to mental health challenges if left unaddressed.

With Beyond Blue's NewAccess for Small Business Owners program you can get the support when you need it.

The program provides practical problem solving advice by trained coaches who have a background in small business, putting them in a good position to understand the unique challenges small business owners face. The coaches will work with you on how to overcome challenges you are facing such as managing work stress and dealing with staff issues, relationships, health or loneliness.

No referral is required, and the service can be accessed via video or phone call between 8am and 8pm to suit the business owner's schedule.

Any small business owner/operator or sole trader in Australia, aged 18 and over, who is not currently seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist can use the program.

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Visit Beyond Blue New Access for Small Business Owners for more information on the program, frequently asked questions, or to enquire contact NewAccess online or via phone on 1300 945 301.

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