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Digital mental health resources

Technology is changing the way mental health services are delivered. There is a lot of information about mental health and wellbeing online and the availability of online mental health programs is increasing.

Online mental health information and programs are easy to access at a time and place that suits you, are available from your computer or mobile phone, and most are free of charge. There is good evidence that online programs for depression or anxiety can be as effective as seeing a psychologist face-to-face.

As this area is rapidly growing, it is important to remember that not all mental health resources are reliable or proven to be effective.

As there are many self-help websites and apps available online, the Ahead for Business team has gathered a selection that you, as a small business owner, might find most useful.

Mental health resources

Head to Health

Head to Health can help you find the right Australian digital mental health and wellbeing resources, for yourself or for someone you care about.

E-Mental Health in Practice Directory

The Directory provides a useful overview of various Australian online and teleweb programs, including apps, online programs, online forums and phone services, as well as a range of digital information resources.

Online mental health programs for anxiety, depression and stress


MindSpot is a free service for Australian adults who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, stress, depression and low mood. They provide assessment and treatment courses, and they can help you find local services that can help.

This Way Up

This Way Up is an online clinic that provides self-help modules and online training courses for a variety of mental health problems.


myCompass is a personalised self-help tool for your mental health, offered by the Black Dog Institute, which provides self-help strategies to help manage symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. The interactive program features stories, facts, tips, motivational messages, self-help modules and a personal journal section.


MoodGym is an interactive self-help program designed to help you prevent and cope with anxiety and depression. The program's exercises and quizzes aim to help you develop self-help skills.

Mental Health Online

The Mental Health Online treatment clinic provides guided and unguided self-help assessments and treatment programs for various mental health problems.

Useful apps for stress and anxiety


The Black Dog Institute’s Snapshot is an app that allows Australian adults to measure and monitor mental health and lifestyle factors that influence wellbeing. Based on your responses, it also provides general advice on how to improve your health and wellbeing and offers recommendations for where you could seek help and support.


MoodMission helps you learn new and better ways of coping with low moods and anxiety. Tell MoodMission how you’re feeling and it will give you a tailored list of five 'missions' that can help you feel better. Missions are quick, easily achievable and evidence-based activities and mental health strategies.


Breathe app helps to reduce the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety by slowing down your heart rate with your mobile phone or Apple Watch.


The WorryTime mobile app helps control everyday stress and anxiety by giving you a place to store your worries, and alerting you when it’s time to think about them.

Online treatment programs for substance use

Counselling Online

Counselling Online provides a self-help program consisting of three modules to assist you with drinking or drug use. A health professional can be contacted at any time.

Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning is a website, app and blog which aims to support any individual to change their relationship with alcohol.

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