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How to implement Ahead for Business in your community

Ahead for Business has developed a rollout guide to help you support the mental health and wellbeing of small business owners in your area. The guide is designed for anyone working in or supporting small businesses such as small business owners, Business Chambers, local councils, or intermediaries such as accountants.

The roll out guide has been developed to provide simple and clear steps that will help you assess the needs, build networks, and plan and implement wellbeing activities in your small business community. You can download the rollout guide, as well as the accompanying toolkit and presentation below.

Download the materials

Community roll out plan

This guide will step you through each of the steps required to successfully implement Ahead for Business in your community.

Roll out toolkit

Download the toolkit to access resources and templates developed to support you with the roll out of Ahead for Business.

Implementation presentation

Use this presentation to help you demonstrate what Ahead for Business is and why it's needed in your small business community.

More Community Resources