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Family Business Australia

Family Business Australia (FBA) is an association that supports family businesses, provides education and training, access to specialist services, professional development and networking opportunities. Phone: 1800 249 357.

Phone Number

1800 249 357 Call now

Institute of Public Accountants

The Institute represents over 35,000 qualified accountants throughout Australia and overseas. More than 75 per cent of members are either servicing small business or are small businesses in their own right. They offer various training and resources for their members.

Life in Mind

Life in Mind is a national initiative that connects Australian suicide prevention services and programs to each other and the community. It includes information on the latest activities, resources and research in the sector.


LivingWorks Australia is a suicide intervention training company that trains community helpers of all kinds to work in this intervention context. Operating as a private social enterprise corporation, it employs all of the financial discipline, innovation and determination of any private sector business to achieve its mission.

Phone Number

1300 738 382 Call now