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Family day care and entertainment industry workers - how has COVID-19 impacted you?

The global COVID-19 pandemic is having unprecedented effects on communities everywhere. Ahead for Business has been working with those in family day care, entertainment and creative industries, to understand the many challenges these industries are facing and provide support.

Those owning a small business in these industries are invited to share their experiences and insights into the real effects of COVID-19 on their business by completing a 5-10 minute survey.

Information from these surveys will help develop new programs that will work to address the mental health needs of those who work in family day care and entertainment.

There will be a long road to recovery, and many challenges ahead, so what you say is important to help inform what is needed for yourself and others in your industry.

  • If you are a family day care educator or co-ordinator please visit:
  • If you are a sole-trader, contractor, creator, freelancer, independent artist or other worker in entertainment and creative industries please visit:

Surveys are now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

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  • Entertainment industry - download flyer here.

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