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Queensland celebrates Small Business Month

As part of Queensland Small Business Month, many organisations and service providers have prepared resources, workshops, webinars and more to help Queensland small business owners learn new skills that can benefit their business.

One key topic area of this Small Business Month is health and wellbeing. This area is often overlooked by business owners who prioritise activities around management, marketing, finance, and planning. However, looking after mental health and wellbeing is one of the most important factors of a successful business – without you at your best, your business cannot perform at its best.

This Small Business Month we encourage business owners to prioritise their wellbeing. Being proactive about looking after your mental health will help you better overcome stress and challenges when they come your way. Promoting mental health in the workplace will also help you and your employees remain engaged and productive at work and boost job satisfaction, all contributing to the success of your business.

Where to start

  • Take a look at the Ahead for Business check-ups. Here you can see how your mental health is currently tracking, and what your main business stressors are. This will help you identify some of your important focus areas.
  • Read some key resources on the digital portal that relate to your important focus areas.
  • Develop a Wellbeing Plan to help get you thinking about what you can do to look after your mental health proactively, and what you can do to support yourself through stressful times.
  • Complete the Business Wellbeing Online Training to build the knowledge and skills you and your employees need to create a mentally healthy workplace.

Read about Queensland small business owners

Small businesses in Toowoomba have shared how they look after their wellbeing with Ahead for Business. You can read their stories below:

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