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RU OK? in hospitality?

Working in the hospitality sector can be exciting and demanding. RU OK? have released free resources to support hospitality workers to look out for each other.

With stressors such as fatigue and unsociable work hours, hospitality workers often turn to their "work family" for support. RU OK? are working with the hospitality sector to encourage a culture of looking out for one another and supporting your work family when needed.

The resources include:

  • The Mateship Manual conversation guide - for how you can support someone in the hospitality industry who's doing it tough
  • Social media tiles and email banners - to share the messages online
  • Posters and postcards - to promote the message and ask "RU OK?"
  • Online short course - an interactive course to help learn how to ask "RU OK?" and how to respond to anyone who says "No, I'm not ok."

Download the free resources to promote mental wellbeing in your hospitality business and among your peers.

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