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Celebrate diversity by wearing purple at your small business

Diversity and inclusion are important factors for healthy workplace culture and employee wellbeing. That’s why taking the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of your staff, customers, clients and local community is important.

This Friday is Wear It Purple Day, a day which celebrates the diversity of gender and sexuality in the community, including workplaces and your small business. The purpose of Wear It Purple Day is to create safe, empowering and inclusive environments for LGBTIQ+ people. By wearing purple clothing and celebrating diversity in your business, you can create a positive and inclusive workplace culture. This can benefit everyone at your workplace, including staff, customers, clients, suppliers and your local community.

Wear it Purple Day is a reminder to acknowledge the importance of diversity every day of the year. In fact, promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace has been linked with a variety of benefits. It can help keep your team engaged and productive at work and improve employee retention. Promoting the importance of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in your workplace can also increase creativity, innovation and problem solving. Diverse and inclusive workplaces have also been linked with increased revenue and a better reputation.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved with Wear it Purple Day is easy. Simply wear purple to work to show your support and raise awareness for the LGBTIQ+ community. You can even register your event to help the Wear it Purple organisation understand how many people are participating in the day. Wear it Purple Day is also a great time to educate yourself and your team on issues facing the LGBTIQ+ community and what you can do to help.

The Wear it Purple website has a lot of information, resources and promotional material to help you celebrate.

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