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Small business owners and pandemic fatigue

Ms Christine Morgan, CEO of the National Mental Health Commission, has recently outlined the importance of looking after yourself to help overcome pandemic fatigue.

Pandemic fatigue is particularly relevant to small business owners. In addition to dealing with restrictions in their personal life, they also deal with the effects of restrictions on their businesses. Business owners have shown a lot of resilience throughout the pandemic, facing many new challenges that have required them to change and adapt rapidly. For many, this has meant decreased revenue, periods of closure, and uncertainty about the future of their business.

As stated by Ms Morgan, many envisaged 2021 as a fresh start, hoping restrictions would ease and their businesses could return to normal. All the emotional and mental effort used to maintain their business throughout 2020 has left many business owners feeling drained and finding it challenging to get through more restrictions.

Experiencing this pandemic fatigue is completely normal and understandable. Business owners have been through a lot while attempting to navigate this uncharted territory and may be feeling the effects on their mental health. Anyone experiencing emotional difficulty as a result of COVID-19 is encouraged to seek support and reach out to others who may need it.

It is not only OK to seek support but essential. We will all need a little extra support during this time so let’s be kind, stay connected, check in with each other, and encourage people to seek professional support when need it.

Ms Christine Morgan, CEO, National Mental Health Commission.

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