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Inflation, skills and policy in focus at the COSBOA National Small Business Summit 2024

In April, the Ahead for Business team attended the Council of Small Business Owners Australia (COSBOA) National Small Business Summit where key political and industry leaders, small business owners, regulators and business influencers gathered to discuss how small business owners can continue to thrive into the future.

The two-day Summit encouraged attendees to ‘get involved, get active and advocate for your small business community to effect substantial and meaningful change'. The discussions were centred around key issues such as energy, inflation, skills and policy, all of which are crucial for the future of small businesses. You can read the top ten highlights from the COSBOA National Small Business Summit 2024 here.

Everymind Director Dr Jaelea Skehan OAM attended the Summit and remarked, "Listening to the presentations across the two days, it was evident that our small business community is not just creative and passionate, but also remarkably resilient. However, they are also grappling with significant stress and distress. Economic pressures, the burden of debt post COVID, the effects of regulatory red-tape, and the challenges of recovering from bushfires and floods are all mounting on small business owners.”

Dr Skehan added “small business owners are the backbone of the Australian economy and our local communities, but to retain that, business wellbeing needs to be a continued focus for all governments. A two-pronged approach is required to (1) reduce strain by ensuring policies are good for small business and (2) increase preventative and tailored business wellbeing supports that work for small business owners."

One preventative program currently available to small business owners is Ahead for Business, providing tools and resources to help small business owners take action on their mental health and wellbeing. This includes items such as check-ups, resources, training, and more.

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