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How many hats are you wearing?

A small business owner can wear many different hats in a day, from finance and HR, to customer service and creating products. This can be stressful and overwhelming without strategies in place. What roles are you juggling and what do you do to manage?



Add home schooling to the mix - I now have a teachers hat to wear!


Hi Hannah, what type of business do you have? My kids are not school aged yet, it must be really hard trying to work from home and teach!


I run a small business making cakes and other desserts for parties and events. I do it by myself from home, and also have two kids at home with me most of the time. I find it difficult to separate work out from home things like looking after the kids, cleaning, and managing bills etc. I am often wearing both the work and family hats at the same time. Because this is often unavoidable when working from home with kids, I make sure not to take on more work than I can manage, so I still have time to deal with home stuff during the work day.


I bet your kids love having cakes and desserts being prepped all the time! Do you outsource anything to help?


They sure do - it's hard keeping them out of the kitchen! No, I don't outsource anything for the business. Though I do have someone in to mow the lawn and tidy the garden every few weeks which is a huge help and gives me more time to focus on other things

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