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Use this space to talk about anything relevant to mental health and wellbeing while running a business, or take the opportunity to introduce yourself, share tips, and ask questions.



G'day all I'm sure yous have all had a few setbacks and stumbles or experienced hard times or not so smooth sailing just wondering if any advice on those times when things have been bad and you don't want to go home or you don't want to be at work and don't want to answer the phone and all from something you feel is out of your control and just won't go away and is crushing all the hard work and efforts you've put in and broken your spirit say to speak and feeling ill in the stomach pain in the chest and dizzy headed has anyone been in a similar situation and got through it or had to throw it all in and came back for another crack at things ? Any advice at all would be much appreciated cheers


Hi Scott, I'm sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time. I think the best thing you can do is talk to someone about it. Sometimes it's hard to talk to friends and family, so you could talk to a professional like your GP or a Beyond Blue counsellor. New Access is also a really good service for small business owners - you will be able to chat with a small business owner who has been trained in counselling. This service is completely free and confidential. It can take a lot of mental strength and courage to do, but you can get through this.


Hi, I run a small furniture store selling art, homewares and lifestyle products. I am not sure how this community works but I am excited to meet some new people and share experiences of running a small business.


Hi - nice to meet you, your shop sounds lovely! I hope your business is doing alright through COVID


That's a shame, hopefully you get to open again soon. I bake cakes and desserts for events - I have been a lot quieter lately too


Hi amy, nice to meet you too. Currently, it's closed due to the lockdown so pretty though at the moment. What business do you have?

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