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Making some ‘me time’

For many small business owners, the boundaries between work and home life can become blurred. How do you separate your work life from your personal life? What could you improve?



I could improve 'finishing work' earlier. I will often respond to emails well after business hours as it is just me and I want to respond as soon as I am able. This has resulted in my working far later into the evening, resulting in poor sleep habits.


Hi Georgia I am guessing you are not doing much air b n b cleaning at the moment with lockdowns? what about getting up and out early mornings to fit in some time to yourself? The only way I can guarantee time for me is up and out early, walk, run or swim coffee and home within an hour to get everyone ready for the day! The days I don't do it I feel sluggish and irritated with everything!


Even though I am my own boss, I often feel like I'm working to someone else's schedule! I run a cleaning business - I mostly do homes and air BNBs. This means if someone books a last minute stay somewhere, I'm called to come clean. This can make it really hard to plan personal time in advance. I have been thinking about giving myself a regular day off, but am worried about losing clients.

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