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Mental health related workers compensation claims are on the rise, according to new data

Work-related mental health conditions and claims are increasing, accounting for 1 in 11 serious workers compensation claims in 2021-2022.

According to new data from Safe Work Australia, claims for mental health conditions have increased by 43% over the past 10 years, a greater increase than any other type of injury or illness. Plus, these claims lead to compensation payouts almost four times larger than other injuries and lead to four times more absences. Serious mental health claims were more common among certain groups, who may be more at risk. This included:

  • Industry: People in health care and social assistance, public administration and safety, and education and training.
  • Occupation: Community and personal service workers, professionals, clerical and administrative workers, managers and labourers.
  • Personal characteristics: Women and over 30s (particularly people aged 45-54).

Mental health claims damage your bottom line, so it’s important to make your business a place to work where claims are unlikely.

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